Tree Surgery in Guildford & Across the South East

image of pollarding trees in line

Here at Tree Solutions, our team of fully-qualified, vastly experienced tree surgeons specialise in every aspect of tree surgery. From crown reductions to root removal, we offer a comprehensive range of services that perfectly balance customer satisfaction, outstanding results and superior safety standards. From our base in Guildford, we undertake tree surgery services across the South East including the wider Surrey area, Hampshire, Sussex and parts of Kent. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial property owner, Tree Solutions has the tools and equipment to undertake work of any kind.

Our NPTC and Lantra-certified tree surgeons provide the following tree surgery services:

  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Thinning
  • Sectional Dismantling
  • Directional Felling
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Pollarding
  • Dead Wooding
  • Cable Bracing
  • Coppicing
  • Site Clearance

We provide these tree surgery services on a 24-hour emergency callout basis for those property owners in Guildford and the surrounding areas in need.

To discuss any of these services, or our wider range of work including hedge cutting and stump grinding, please contact us.

image of cut of tree with rope

Which Tree Surgery Service is Right for You?

As customer-focused tree surgeons, we want to ensure that our clients in Guildford and the neighbouring areas know exactly what they’re getting from their chosen tree surgery service. For the convenience of our prospective customers, we have outlined what each individual service consists of below.

Crown Reduction – This tree surgery procedure involves the overall reduction in the size and reach of a tree’s crown. Our tree surgeons do this by removing the outermost sections of branches, thus reducing mechanical stresses on branches while improving light loss and shading issues. We always retain the overall framework of the tree.

Crown Thinning – Usually undertaken on broad-leaved species, crown thinning involves the removal of small, tertiary branches in the outer crown of a tree. As a result, our tree surgeons create foliage with a uniform density spread evenly across a branch structure. This is rarely a one-off task, especially on species renowned for considerable epicormic growth.

Sectional Dismantling – We undertake this tree surgery service on trees in confined spaces with poor access. In order to protect the public and property in urban areas like Guildford, our tree surgeons remove the canopy and stem sections before lowering them to the ground by rope. We have the experience and machinery to ensure complete safety.

Directional Felling – In more open spaces, we can bring down trees as a whole. Our tree surgeons apply a carefully-placed directional notch that dictates where the tree will fall. Next, they saw a felling cut on the other side of the tree, creating a hinge that guides the it safely to the ground.

Pollarding – As your chosen tree surgeons, we carry out pollarding on young trees to encourage multi-stem branching. This tree surgery method involves removing the top section of a young tree and needs to be repeated cyclically.

Dead Wooding – As the name suggests, dead wooding involves the removal of dead, potential dangerous wood from trees in Guildford and across the South East. We only remove dead wood that poses a risk due to its importance in providing essential habitats to wildlife.

Cable Bracing – Our Guildford-based tree surgeons perform cable bracing services to support trees with damaged branches or structural issues. In cases where removing damaged sections adversely affects the aesthetics of a tree, we apply cables in order to support weak branches.

Coppicing – This form of tree surgery consists of cutting down a tree within 300mm of the ground. Performed at regular intervals on species like Sweet Chestnut and Hazel, the process provides materials such as stakes.

To read what our previous customers in Guildford and beyond have said about our work as tree surgeons, please visit the testimonials page.