Stump Grinding in Guildford & Throughout the South East

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In our position as Lantra-certified, NPTC-qualified tree surgeons, Tree Solutions provides specialist, safety-conscious stump grinding services throughout the South East. We carry out work in our hometown of Guildford and across Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and parts of Kent. With a complete range of the latest tools and machinery, as well our team’s shared experience of over a decade, we take on stump grinding jobs of any kind in the domestic and commercial sectors.

As with any tree surgery service, stump grinding holds certain inherent risks. In our role as foremost tree surgeons in the region, our clients can rest assured that we work in full compliance with BS 3998 (Recommendations for Tree Work) as well as all relevant HSE legislation.

When undertaken safely by experienced professionals, stump grinding provides the perfect solution to tree stumps left behind after other tree surgery services have been completed. Whether this is due to a personal decision to keep it or for budgetary reasons, these stumps can often remain in gardens across Guildford and the surrounding areas for years.

At Tree Solutions, we firmly believe that the advantages of removing a stump far outweigh those of leaving it in place. These benefits include:

  • A Safer Environment – Whether our clients in Guildford and the neighbouring areas own a domestic or commercial property, by carrying out stump grinding they immediately make their premises a safer place. Regardless of the setting, a tree stump represents a trip and fall hazard that could lead to serious consequences.
  • Greater Garden Health – Tree stumps eventually start to rot, acting as a magnet for all manner of garden diseases and fungi. While some of these are harmless, others represent a threat to children and pets, while a select few, such as honey fungus, pose a danger to otherwise healthy plants in the rest of the garden. By having stumps removed by tree surgeons, our clients safeguard their garden’s health.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – No matter how hard a property owner tries to disguise it, a tree stump remains nothing but an eyesore. For gardeners in Guildford and throughout the South East who put hours of effort into making their gardens look beautiful, a lingering tree stump will always draw the eye. Stump grinding allows homeowners to create a garden that can finally realise its full potential.

To discuss options for stump grinding at your property in Guildford or throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and into Kent, please contact us.

What to Expect from Stump Grinding

image of tree clearance

Here at Tree Solutions, we conduct stump grinding work with the use of heavy-duty machinery complete with a rotating disc. In our role as tree surgeons, we then use this disc to grind down tree stumps to either a few inches below the soil line, or to remove it completely.

While stump grinding machines vary in size, our clients in Guildford and the surrounding areas can be sure that those utilised by our tree surgeons have the ability to cope with a range of difficult terrains without compromising on performance. What’s more, these machines have been specially designed to fit through the vast majority of garden gates.

The wooden chips generated by stump grinding procedures can be left with our clients to recycle within their garden. Alternatively, we can remove them from your property in Guildford or the neighbouring areas for use in a range of environmentally-friendly procedures.

If you’d like to view examples of the results our services achieve, please visit the previous work page.