Air Spading in Guildford & the South East | Root Excavation Services

In our position as time-served tree surgeons, we recognise that plant failure occurs for a multitude of reasons. A key contributor can often be issues with the roots of a plant or the soil that contains them. The process of air spading exposes root networks quickly and safely, thereby allowing our personnel the opportunity to diagnose the problem and begin any relevant treatments. As highly-skilled tree surgeons, we also offer our clients in Guildford and across Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent vertical mulching and radial trenching services.

Whichever soil or root-related problem our clients have, we’ve got the solution.

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What is Air Spading and How Can It Help Me?

Air spading is a state-of-the-art excavation process that has transformed the arboriculture industry. This hand-held tool releases huge volumes of compressed air, allowing adequately-trained tree surgeons like those at Tree Solutions to break up and remove any type of soil in Guildford and the surrounding areas without causing damage to roots in the critical zone or buried service cables. When compared with the more traditional digging process, air spading is an improvement in every respect.

The benefits that air spading provides for property owners in Guildford and the neighbouring areas include:

  • The safest & swiftest way to clear excess mulch & soil from the root collar
  • An immediate visual inspection & diagnosis for a range of plant health issues
  • Fast, accurate analysis of the amount of decay without damaging the root network
  • A simple process for the aeration & replacement of soil so as to reduce compaction
  • Allowing for trenching in construction or utility work with minimal root disturbance
  • The facilitation of blended materials that encourage root growth & survival rates
image of large tree roots

When is Air Spading Required?

In our role as tree surgeons, we most commonly undertake air spading work in relation to tree health issues. When our clients in Guildford or anywhere across the South East require air spading, it usually relates to a problem with the root flare (also known as the root collar), although a range of diseases can also be involved.

The root flare is the part of a tree that starts to taper, or flare, outwards around the soil line. This area of a tree remains critical as it represents the point where the tissue of a trunk becomes that of a root. As such, this part of the tree must not be covered over with soil or remain moist for extended intervals of time. When this does happen, trees in Guildford and beyond become susceptible to root decay as well as an array of related health issues.

From trees planted too deeply to root networks covered with fill dirt, air spading can expose root flares and subsequent root systems 6 to 18 inches below grade. This allows for a near complete 360° inspection of a tree to assess every possible angle.

To discuss air spading work at your Guildford or South East property, please contact us.

Radial Trenching & Vertical Mulching

The root excavation services that we provide as locally-trusted tree surgeons also include radial trenching and vertical mulching. Below, we have briefly outlined what each of these processes involves.

Vertical Mulching – A procedure that consists of the creation of vertical holes in the soil surrounding a tree, particularly where fill soil has been placed over roots or in heavily compacted areas. Restricted roots then have the freedom to grow into these holes, going about their natural process of exchanging gases with the atmosphere once again.

In addition, vertical mulching also lessens damage related to excessive water as well as helping to preserve aeration during wet periods.

Radial Trenching – This procedure is carried out on trees that grow in depleted or compacted soils in Guildford and the surrounding areas. Radial trenching performed by our tree surgeons allows oxygen to reach the critical root zone where it can interact with once-restricted roots.

As an air spading process, we create narrow trenches in a radial pattern around the tree, like the spokes of a wagon wheel. The trenches created by our tree surgeons can be 8 to 12 inches deep and 3 to 4 inches wide.

If you’d like to view examples of the results we achieve across our complete range of tree surgery services, please visit the previous work page.